USB3.1 Carry Portable Series

1 to 3 USB3.1 Carry Portable Series(UB3104)

•Read/Write speed inspection/Actual capacity inspection/ Bad sector inspection

•In-built H2 and H5 Read/Write speed inspection

•Unique USB3.1/2.0 signal detection

•Supports 3TB USB-HDD and over

•Light weight and portable design.

 All Available Models:


Impeccable Transmission Speed

Highest speed USB Duplication /Inspection Equipment in the industry.  Maximum copying speed of one single port can be up to 16GB/min.


 Supports Windows & Linux Formats for Quick Copy 

Quick copy only copies contained data in any NTFS, FAT 16/32/64 and Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4) to save your time.

USB Signal Detection

Just 3 seconds needed to read the signal of 2.0/3.1 USB.

Quality Inspection

H2 Read/write speed inspection: In-built h2testw read/write speed inspection which is being widely used in the industry.

H5 Read/write speed inspection:the strictest quality inspection by writing into and reading the flash memory.

* Can set the area in the NAND flash to be inspected/Read/write speed filtering/Bad sector inspection.