Various Interface HDD Duplicator

Various Interface HDD Duplicator

HDD duplication without interface limitation

USB-HDD, IDE, iVDR, Digital Cinema adapter, eSATA, mSATA, MicroSATA HDD/SSD Duplication to Satisfy Customization Need with Cutting-edge Technology

Besides duplicating standard SATA HDD, USB-HDD, eSATA, mSATA, MicroSATA , iVDR, digital cinema USB/SATA, carrier adaptors are all supported. U-Reach R&D is well-trained and experienced to satisfy different needs of product development. First developed products by U-Reach in the market: The first USB-HDD duplicator, the first iVDR supported duplicator, the first USB/SATA carrier adaptor duplicator. These are all of our successful projects of customized development.

All the Well-known Manufacturers all over the World Appoint U-Reach as the Supplier of Duplication Solutions

U-Reach has already provided Duplication Solutions to numerous Manufacturing industries for more than decade. It is our pleasure that U-Reach Duplication Solution is qualified production equipment for numerous global, well-known corporations. We have developed the various types of equipment to truly meet the need of our customers by working with them.

USB-HDD Duplication

Compared to USB drives, USB-HDD require larger power input. The duplicator which is not particularly designed for USB-HDD, might easily cause data error during duplication. Intelligent 9 Golden Series Flash duplicator is specially designed for USB-HDD. Additional power supply is applicable to provide more power to ensure the duplication process functions properly.

USB/SATA carrier adaptor duplicator for digital movie

USB/SATA carrier adaptor has become a popular interface in the digital movie industry. U-Reach is the only supplier in the market, and we aim to provide high efficient duplication solutions to help you save more time and cost.

iVDR encrypted movie HDD duplication

Hard Disk Drive Duplicator with Event Log Report

mSATA SSD duplication